Operating Cranes Around Powerlines (DVD + Booklet)
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Does your company operate cranes near or around power lines? Are your workers trained to the current OSHA standard (29 CFR Part 1926) for these operations? This 20 minute video could help save lives! The video provides a visual demonstration of safe operating procedures in accordance with OSHA’s requirements for mobile cranes near and around power lines to be used during training and the planning process. The companion booklet may be purchased separately for training purposes. Specifically, the video covers: œ What to consider when planning the assembly or disassembly of a crane near a power line œ Precautions to take when operating a crane near a power line œ Where to post warnings œ Encroachment prevention measures and options œ When to use a spotter as well as alternative measures to spotters œ When operations can take place under a power line œ Smaller than minimum clearance distances œ Required safety meetings and procedures œ Working near transmitter communication towers œ OSHA’s training requirements
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