Companies that operate in the specialized transportation industry are proficient at planning both intrastate and cross country interstate trips daily. However, in spite of effective planning, delays occur that can affect the job when a driver must take a required 30-minute rest break. This burden may put the motoring public at risk by causing oversized loads to be forced to park on road shoulders and exit ramps. Drivers are also required by law to park their OS/OW load for hours, and even days, at state lines/borders while they wait for the next jurisdiction’s OS/OW permit days/hours of operation to allow compliant passage. This regulation can be cumbersome to completing the specialized moves and lifts that the industry needs to be safe and successful.​

SC&RA Working Positions

SC&RA and its members have achieved a five-year exemption (through 2020) from compliance with the 30-minute rest break requirement of the agency’s Hours of Service Rule for OS/OW loads. This working exemption includes many examples of situations that could cause delayed loads based upon the HOS regulation. SC&RA members that conduct OS/OW moves now enjoy financial and time savings because of this exemption.​

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