Issue Brief

Any oversize or overweight (OS/OW) vehicle or load using a roadway requires an Oversize/Overweight Permit to operate.  Depending on the distance and route used to move the vehicle or load the number of required permits can become extensive. These costs increase the price of bids placed for jobs as well as increase the planning time and operating time needed to complete moves and lifts within the industry.

SC&RA Working Positions

SC&RA is actively pushing for harmonization of state permit providers and polices as well as a modernization of automated systems to better serve the industry.  SC&RA also engages with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and its 4 regional groups (the Western Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (WASHTO), the Southern Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (SASHTO), the Northeast Association of State Transportation Officials (NASTO) and the Mid America Association of State Transportation Officials (MAASHTO) to advocate for the needs of member companies. In 2016, Members have enjoyed several wins in more than twelve states, including weight limit increases, online permit request processes times being improved, and more routes being made available for travel.  SC&RA has also established a minimum request of states to allow 23,000 Thousand pounds on a single axle, 44,000 to 46,000 thousand pounds on a 2-axle tandem, 60,000 thousand pounds on a tridem, 80, thousand pounds on a quad and a to be determined weight on a trunnion/dual lane trailer and harmonization between states on other weight requirements are met. In addition, SC&RA has developed template configurations representing 5 to 13 axle combinations.

Latest Issue Updates

 US DOT Announces Half A Billion Dollars in Infrastructure Investments to 41 Projects in 43 States (3/21/2018) 
 SC&RA Submits Requests to CVSA Regarding OS/OW Permit Loads & Escorts (3/21/2018) 
 North Dakota Highway Patrol Launches Phone App (3/14/2018) 
 PA Court Upholds IFTA Assessment (3/7/2018) 
 South Carolina Calls for 3-State Pilot Program for CDLs Under 21 (2/14/2018) 
 Maryland Expands Weekend/Nighttime Permit Movement (1/17/2018) 
 Big Win in Texas for Specialized Transportation (1/2/2018) 
 Hear Troopers’ Perspective on OS/OW Enforcement at the Symposium (12/20/2017) 
 SC&RA Lauds Wisconsin Bill; Projected to Save Industry Millions of Dollars (12/20/2017) 
 SC&RA Urges NYC Mayor to Reject Crane Bill (12/13/2017) 
 PA Court Rules on Net Operating Loss Restriction (12/6/2017) 
 State Announces Permit Changes Affecting Nighttime Moves, Counterweights, and Holidays (11/29/2017) 
 NH Mulls Toll Rate Increase; Action Needed (11/29/2017) 
 SC&RA Seeks Canadian Transportation Input (11/20/2017) 
 Planes & Cranes: One State’s Guidance (11/20/2017) 
 SC&RA Represents Crane & Rigging and Specialized Transport Interests Abroad (11/15/2017) 
 SC&RA, Members Meet with Ontario MTO Officials on OS/OW Permitting & Other Issues (11/15/2017) 
 SC&RA Meets with Michigan DOT and State Police (11/8/2017) 
 New Construction Starts Jump 14 Percent in September (11/1/2017) 
 Three Informative Webinars. Three Crucial Topics. Sign Up Today. (10/26/2017) 
 Permit Policy Committee Contacts States on Stacking Issue (10/12/2017) 
 Specialized Transportation Seeks Relief from State Line Inspections (10/12/2017) 
 Tell FHWA What You Think About OS/OW Permitting (10/5/2017) 
 Connecticut DOT Launches New Online Permit System (9/28/2017) 
 Crane & Rigging Workshop Makes Record Attendance (9/28/2017) 
 2018 January Board and Committee Meetings Confirmed for Naples, FL (9/28/2017) 
 Construction Industry Prepares for Recovery Work in Texas and Florida (9/21/2017) 
 Impact of Irma and Harvey Could Cost GDP 1/2 Point in Q3 (9/21/2017) 
 Hurricane Irma Jeopardizes Board and Committee Meetings Location (9/21/2017) 
 Crane & Rigging Workshop is Next Week! (9/14/2017) 
 Hurricane Harvey/Irma Transportation Impact (9/7/2017) 
 Texas Temporarily Suspends Several Trucking Regulations (9/7/2017) 
 Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort Opportunities (8/31/2017) 
 Georgia and West Virginia Set to Improve Permit Rules (7/27/2017) 
 SBA to Hold Roundtables in Ohio this August (7/27/2017) 
 Colorado Changes Intrastate Weight Threshold for CMVs (7/20/2017) 
 West Virginia Raises Fuel Taxes (7/6/2017) 
 Texas Revises Multiple Truck Enforcement Laws (6/29/2017) 
 Tennessee Eases Permit Travel Hour Restrictions (6/15/2017) 
 Register Now for the WASHTO-COHT Fall Meeting (6/15/2017) 
 Alabama DOT Adopts New Harmonization Rules (6/8/2017) 
 MAASTO Fall Conference Taking Place in September (6/1/2017) 
 Court Rules Drivers as Independent Contractors in Washington State (5/25/2017) 
 Railroads Lose Challenge to State Diesel Tax (5/25/2017) 
 SC&RA Produces ELD Information for Members (5/18/2017) 
 Colorado Eases Permit Bridge Slow-Down Restriction (5/11/2017) 
 South Carolina Senate Increases Gas Tax to Fund Infrastructure (5/4/2017) 
 Analysis Shows Little Political Fallout for Raised Gas Taxes (5/4/2017) 
 California Trucking Groups Praise New Diesel Tax for Infrastructure Funding (4/27/2017) 
 Cal/OSHA Delays Enforcement of Construction Silica Standard to 9/23/17 (4/27/2017) 


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