Alabama DOT Adopts New Harmonization Rules

- Effective June 1, 2017, according to Randy Braden of the Alabama Department of Transportation adopted three new rules in an effort to bring the state into 100% compliance with the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) permit harmonization resolutions Phase I-II.

The recent changes were made to Alabama DOT’s Section 450-3-1-0.5 (Escort Requirements). Changes included the following:
  • Reduced previous required 2 pilot escorts to 1 for all OS/OW loads 12 to 14 feet wide.
  • Increased minimum length requirement for pilot escort from 85 to 90 feet overall load length.
  • Following the state implementation, the new Pilot Certification/Training requirement, Alabama will provide direction to offer reciprocity with other state pilot certification programs.
Mr. Braden also serves as Chair of AASHTO’s Permit Harmonization committee where he has demonstrated outstanding leadership in moving Permit Harmonization Resolution’s Phase I-II to adoption and encouraging states to follow the recommendations. A complete list of those resolutions can be found here.

A comprehensive listing of Alabama and all state and province permitting rules, regulations, etc. can be found in SC&RA’s OS/OW Permit Manual available here. SC&RA will continue to provide monthly updates on permitting rules and regulations to subscribers.

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