NH Mulls Toll Rate Increase; Action Needed

- The New Hampshire Motor Transport Association reports that if the toll rate increase is approved, most of the toll transactions in the state of New Hampshire will increase by 50 percent. The commercial motor vehicle rate will become twice the class-one passenger rate. There are five executive councilors and it takes only three to approve a toll increase. Executive Councilors Papas, Volinsky, and Prescott are all in support of this massive toll increase. The NHMTA recommends companies contact executive councilors and the governor as soon as possible. A public hearing has been scheduled for Dec. 4, 2017, at 6:00 pm at the Portsmouth Public Library in Portsmouth, NH, for input on this toll proposal. The NHMTA advises that unless you are in favor of an increase in tolls, it is critically important that you attend this meeting to voice your opposition. For more information, contact Steven Todd.

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