Prepare Now for Hauling Superloads in Ontario Beginning Jan. 1

- Did you know that effective January 1, 2019, the Ontario Provincial Police will cease to provide paid duty escorts to assist in the movement of oversize/overweight superloads? If you plan to move loads next year, there is a possibility that certified escorts will not be available. Now is the time to act! The Ministry of Transportation has amended sections 110 and 110.1 of the Highway Traffic Act to allow a certified person who is not a police officer to direct traffic when escorting an over-dimensional superload. Supporting Ontario Regulation 215/18 details the requirements regarding the appointment, training, vehicle appearance, identification, signage, and communications for Certified Superload Escorts (CSE). Persons wishing to become certified to direct traffic for movement of superloads will be required to successfully complete an MTO-approved training course before being eligible for appointment. There are now training organizations approved to deliver the Certified Superload Escort Program. A small number of Certified Superload Escorts have completed the training but there is a need to have all potential superload escorts trained and certified by the end of the year.

For more information on the Certified Superload Escort Program, contact the Business Innovation Team.

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Prepare Now for Hauling Superloads in Ontario Beginning Jan. 1
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