SC&RA Discusses Challenges with Illinois Transport Officials

- SC&RA members, along with V.P. of Transportation Steven Todd, met with Chicago, IL area government officials last week to discuss challenges and opportunities. Topics on the agenda included improving Chicago permit allowances for bridges and nighttime allowances; improving the coordination of OS/OW permits throughout Northeastern Illinois; Third-party permitting through IDOT’s ITAP which will be in use by Nov. 1; and the possibility of a mapping system depicting multiple jurisdiction vertical clearances, construction restrictions, and weight. SC&RA members in attendance included Joanna Jungels, ATS; Larry Eckhardt, Imperial Crane (President of Chicago Crane Association); Bryce Baker, Oxcart; Marvin Bult, Rose Cartage Service; Bill Anker, Anker Trucking. For more information about, or to participate in, regional and state meetings affecting your ability to operate, contact Todd.

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SC&RA Discusses Challenges with Illinois Transport Officials