SC&RA, Members Meet with Ontario MTO Officials on OS/OW Permitting & Other Issues

- SC&RA V.P. Steven Todd traveled to Ontario with members Ed Bernard, Precision Specialized Division; Louis Juneau, Nova Permits and Pilot Cars; and John Moore, Earl Hardy Trucking, to meet with Ministry of Transportation officials regarding OS/OW permitting across the province. Topics discussed included: Selecting/implementing a fully automated permit system like several others throughout Canada and the United States capable of more safely and efficiently issuing permits 24/7 than the current process; Harmonization of both local and MTO permit policies and procedures (including hours of service, timeliness of issuance of permits due to multiple required signoffs, thresholds for utility notification, threshold for escorts, weight and size of permits, etc.); Possibility for MTO to maintain a North/South and East/West corridor for critical, oversize permit loads and timely notifications from MTO construction officials to MTO permit office of new construction restrictions; Proposed change to escort procedures by replacing police with certified private pilot escorts through new certification program;  and bridge slow down procedures. A follow up meeting is planned for spring 2018. For more information, contact Todd.

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