State Announces Permit Changes Affecting Nighttime Moves, Counterweights, and Holidays

- In another move to improve efficient movement of specialized transportation in Ohio, DOT Manager of Permits, Mike Moreland, announces a pilot project to commence January 1, 2018 allowing nighttime movement for overweight permit loads up to 10 feet wide, legal height and length.  Other stipulations of the approximate 6 – 12 month pilot include:
  • Nighttime movement must be specifically requested at time of application;
  • Routing limited to 4-lane roadways; and
  • Lighting must be in accordance with Ohio DOT’s operation guide when moving at night.
Other changes announced by Moreland include:
  • Ohio DOT’s crane agreement attachment will be modified effective January 1, 2018 to allow for counterweights to remain on certain cranes (to keep pace with recent manufacturer chassis changes).
  • To harmonize with surrounding states, Ohio has removed the Good Friday and Easter weekend permit travel restrictions from previous years.
  • Plans to update roadway and bridge network designed to improve permit routing around the state.
  • Plans to update website to improve user friendliness for permit applicants (Moreland invites suggested changes to be shared with his office).
SC&RA has long advocated for these changes and is pleased with DOT Supervisor of Permits Moreland for his attention to this series of improvements.   Last year, Moreland approved a 1 mile off permit route access provision for food, fuel, rest and repair and raised the threshold by which overweight permits could be auto-issued from 132,000 to 160,000 pounds. For more information, contact Steven Todd.

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