Update on Ontario’s Certified Superload Escort Program

- As reported last month, the Canadian Ministry of Transportation has announced the Certified Superload Escort Program.  All superload escorts will be required to successfully complete an MTO-approved training course before being eligible for appointment. The Certified Superload Escort Program is a voluntary program that gives organizations the authority to train and test their employees for certification based on a ministry-approved curriculum.

Organizations wishing to participate in Certified Superload Escort Program (CSEP) must successfully complete the ministry’s evaluation and approval process. Once an organization has successfully completed the application process and has been approved by the ministry, the organization is referred to as a Recognized Authority (RA). Recognized Authorities are able to deliver the MTO-approved training required for individuals to become Certified Superload Escorts.  

If you wish to apply to become a Recognized Authority to deliver the CSEP program, please contact Jen Rienzo.

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