What You Need to Know for Specialized Transportation Load Securement

- SC&RA is pleased to offer members the latest information on what your employees need to know about federal regulations and unique challenges of transporting and securing oversize/overweight loads. Individuals and teams are invited to listen in to the upcoming webinar, What Employees Must Know for Specialized Transportation Load Securement, Jan. 17, 2 pm EST. Speakers Fred Kovall, Field Safety Specialist, Anderson Trucking Service, Inc., and Pete Trimble, Director of Corporate Safety & Claims, Keen Transport, will help your employees understand safety regulations and explain: Federal regulations and how they apply to specific OS/OW loads; effective specialized transportation load securement techniques; tie-downs and calculations to determine the number of tie-downs needed; and aggregate working load limits and performance criteria calculations. Registrants will also get a preview of SC&RA’s new, updated Load Securement Training DVD. Register here. For more information, contact Steven Todd.

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