Democrats Seek Answers Regarding Trump’s Deregulatory Order

- reports that Senate Democrats have been questioning the White House on how it intends to enforce President Trump’s executive order limiting the rule enacting abilities for agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The opposition comes from a February 15 letter composed by nine Senate Democrats, including Senator Tom Carper from the Senate Environment and Public Works committee that oversees the EPA.

“We are concerned that the President, in issuing this order, is ignoring the benefits for public health, safety, and otherwise, that the regulations put forward by agencies can bring to society as a whole,” stated the letter. “Further, the order may cause undue burdens on government employees who are required to issue and review regulations as well as industry consumers, and others who are subject to them.”

The executive order mandates that any new rules or regulations must identify two existing rules for withdrawal, a tactic the Trump White House claims will help curb the national budget. The Democrats explain that it is unclear how the order should be enacted, though the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has released a guide, and, furthermore, that the rule only addresses compliance costs, ignoring the potential social and budgetary benefits of certain rules.

The letter asked, “how will the Administration account for the many benefits that regulations can and do provide to the public, industry, and other stake holders?”

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