FHWA Releases New Pilot Car Escort Vehicle Training Publications

- The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Office of Freight Management and Operations has developed a number of publications in collaboration with the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association and the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. These training publications include best practices guidelines, best practices for law enforcement, a study guide, training manual, and PowerPoint slides, all of which may be accessed on the FHWA website.

Other contributors to the materials included the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials, P/EVOs, professional pilot car associations, permitting officials, education professionals, transportation officials and engineers, insurance industry representatives, and enforcement officers.

The best practices guidelines document summarizes the material found in the 2016 Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operators (P/EVO’s) Training Manual. The 2016 Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operators Training Manual is the result of extensive research, review, and analysis of existing pilot/escort vehicle operators training materials, laws and rules relevant to P/EVOs, incident reports, case studies, and other information focused on the movement of oversize loads.

The Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operators Training Manual, its companion Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operators Study Guide, a P/EVO training presentation, and these Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operators Best Practices Guidelines are available to State agencies, training providers, and others involved in the training and certification of P/EVOs. Each of these documents can be used individually or in combination, and are available at no charge from FHWA's website. The format of these materials offers flexibility to meet the needs of the pilot/escort operators, from one- or two-car companies to more complex multi-state operations.

Questions, comments, or suggestions on these training materials should be directed to John Berg at John.Berg@dot.gov or Crystal Jones at Crystal.Jones@dot.gov.

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