FMCSA Requests Comments by Jan. 18 on New Personal Conveyance Guidelines

- The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is requesting comments on a proposed revision to the guidelines allowing commercial vehicle drivers to use their vehicles for personal conveyance, regardless of whether or not the vehicle was under load. The existing guidance on personal conveyance was issued by the Federal Highway Administration, FMCSA's predecessor agency, in Nov. 1996. It was later published in a compilation of guidance issued in April 1997 and has remained unchanged since then. FMCSA proposes to replace the former guidance rules with the following revised Question 26 (“Under what circumstances may a driver operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) as a personal conveyance?”) and seeks comments on this guidance. FMCSA also seeks public comments and information on other appropriate uses of a CMV while off-duty for personal conveyance, as well as the economic impacts of the proposal. To see the proposed revision to Question 26 and provide comment click here.

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