Georgia and West Virginia Set to Improve Permit Rules

- Sunday permit travel in Georgia along with new nighttime and expanded superload travel time in West Virginia are among the positive, changes for specialized transportation in the Southeast.  As the map depicts, the Georgia policy change now opens up a continuous north/south corridor for weekend permit travel.  In West Virginia, a long-standing policy restricting superloads over 16’ wide to 1-day movement on Sundays has been lifted. These loads may now run Monday – Friday.  The state also joins growing number of states putting in writing an access or safe haven policy for permitted loads to legally exit route for food, fuel, rest, repair, etc.  Below is a complete list of new and pending changes in Georgia and West Virginia.


Pending announcement of official effective date on Georgia’s Permit Website, all permit loads will be allowed to run 7 days per week, daylight hours.  


The following policies are now in effect.  Note – travel times for the WV Turnpike may differ. Consult the West VA website and permit office for details

New policies in effect, it should be noted that travel times for the WV Turnpike differ from all other routes and those changes, in addition to the WVDOH policy changes, are shown below:

West Virginia Travel Time Changes (For all routes except the WV Turnpike)
  • Loads over 14’ wide may run Mon – Fri only.  (This includes loads over 16’ wide which previously were restricted to Sunday only). 
  • Travel for oversize vehicles which are 14' 0" or less wide and any length, height, or weight (except for loads approved at low impact) is allowed on all routes (when requested) from sunrise to sunset, seven days a week. Weekend travel must be requested via a check box on application.
  • Nighttime travel allowed for permits involving crossing of W. VA state line if your adjacent state permit requires nighttime travel.  All escorts as required on permit must be replaced by police escort(s) if traveling at night.  (At present, must note this in application comments section). (Requests will be considered for WV Turnpike on an individual basis.)
  • Drivers may display permits in digital/electronic form (This is also valid on WV Turnpike)
The following two changes have been approved but yet to become effective – look for updates at
  • Permit loads may travel up to ½ mile off route provided no bridges are crossed.  (Permittee responsible for checking off route for dimension)
  • New, user friendly website to be designed (W. VA requesting suggestions from industry)
WV Turnpike Travel Time Changes (Applies to WV Turnpike only)
  • The West Virginia Turnpike allows weekend travel for loads no more than 95’ long and/or with no more than 15’ combined overhang, and/or no more than 14’6” high and/or with a gross vehicle weight of no more than 110,000 lbs.
  • Oversize vehicles exceeding these dimensions and traveling on the WV Turnpike must follow the following travel times.
  • 14’-1” to 18’-0” wide - Sunrise to sunset Monday-Thursday
  • 18’-1” to 24’-6” wide - Sundays only before noon
  • Width > 24’-7” Limited approval due to toll plaza limitations

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