House Plans to Cut OSHA Enforcement

- According to coverage from Bloomberg BNA, the spending plan proposed by the House Appropriations Committee for fiscal year 2018 would slash the enforcement budget of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) by more than seven percent.

The cuts, which would only target federal enforcement programs and not programs administered by states, would total a $14.7 million reduction form OSHA’s 2017 enforcement budget. If the committee’s budget passes, it would almost guarantee a significant drop in federal OSHA inspections over the next year. The cuts found in the committee’s budget are even more ambitious then what the Trump administration had proposed, which had already been projected to reduce OSHA enforcement staff by two percent and roll back annual inspections by three percent.

House Democrats are set to fight the proposal, but party-line Republicans will likely defeat any opposition.

The proposed spending plan can be found online here.

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