Idaho Senate Transportation Committee Approves Oversize Truck Rule Change

- According to a February 1 article in Transportation Topics, Idaho’s Senate Transportation Committee has approved legislature that will be foundational in forming a statewide permitting system for megaload trucks.

The rule change is part of a legislative initiative from 2016 aimed at developing a standard set of rules for commercial trucks across both local and state highways. Under the rule, the Idaho Department of Transportation will be able to issue permits for trucks weighing in excess of 80,000 pounds, though local authority will still have the power to designate which routes are open to 129,000-pound vehicle loads.

Of Idaho’s 288 local highway jurisdictions, only around 30 of them mandate any commercial vehicle permitting. This puts a considerable burden upon state law enforcement officers who are unable to enforce any rules in jurisdictions where permits are not required. The rule change is meant to remedy this issue and promote standardization.

Because the legislation is a non-fee rule change, it only needs approval from one chamber, and will take effect at the end of the state’s legislative session.

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