Indiana Bill Gives Truckers More Room on Roundabouts

- The Indiana state legislature introduced a bill last month aimed at reducing traffic accidents at roundabouts by granting large trucks priority, reports Indystar.

The bill requires drivers of passenger cars to give the right-of-way when approaching a roundabout or sharing a two-lane roundabout with any truck longer than 40 feet and wider than 10 feet. The bill’s backers claim these regulations could have prevented many of the 91 accidents last year that involved trucks at the circular intersections popular across Indiana.

“This is strictly about safety,” President of the Indiana Motor Truck Association, Gary Langston, claimed. “Roundabouts are not big enough for trucks to maneuver without using two lanes or jumping onto the curb.”

The bill’s author, Representative Jerry Torr (R-Carmel), believes the legislation will also help truck drivers keep clean driving records. “Any blemish on your record can really hurt your livelihood,” said Torr. “Even if it’s not your fault.”

The bill passed resoundingly in the House and has been referred to the Indiana Senate.

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