Survey Finds 80% of Firms have Trouble Filling Craft Jobs, adding to cost, delays

- Filling craft positions and some salaried positions is an even greater challenge for contractors than it was a year ago, according to participants in the Autodesk-AGC of America 2018 Workforce Survey, released last week. The survey includes results for four regions and 34 states, and by firm size, union/nonunion, and project type. Of the 2,552 respondents, 80% stated they were having a hard time filling some hourly craft positions (up from 70% in 2017), while 10% reported no difficulty and 9% had no openings. In addition, 56% said they were having a hard time filling some salaried positions (up from 38% in 2017), while 14% reported no difficulty and 29% had no openings. For all but one of 20 specific craft positions listed in the survey, a majority of respondents, whose firms employ that craft, said filling positions was harder than last year.

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