Texas Revises Multiple Truck Enforcement Laws

- According to coverage from Land Line Magazine, in recent weeks Texas lawmakers have adopted a series of changes to truck rules impacting platooning, enforcement, and size and weight restrictions.

The new legal revisions include:

  • A new law affecting platooning which defines “connected braking” and covers the use of affected vehicles to maintain distance.
  • A new law clarifies regulations regarding permits for oversize and overweight loads in Chambers County and expands the portion of the county’s highway where permits are issued.
  • Municipalities and counties are now required to file annual reports detailing fines collected on truck rules and enforcement costs.
  • Midlothian and the neighboring city of Alvarado are now municipalities permitted to enforce commercial motor vehicle safety rules.
  • An $80 per-trip permit fee has been designated for roadway improvements in Matagorda and Brazoria counties.
  • A similar fee, but increased to $200, has been created for permits issued to oversize and overweight vehicles carrying cargo in Hidalgo County.
  • Already in effect, certain trucks who have previously undergone safety inspections nationally now may be exempt from annual safety inspections in Texas.
  • Motor carriers whose registration was revoked can now reapply up to 180 days after the date of the revoke.
  • The DMV is now authorized to issue permits for fluid milk movement by trucks up to 90,000 pounds.
Find a detailed list of these updates at Land Line Magazine online.

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