Trump Freeze Extends Beryllium Regulation Date

- A February 1 release from the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced that the agency would be halting regulatory changes concerning beryllium use and exposure.

In early January, OSHA released a final rule amending its regulations regarding beryllium exposure. The ruling was originally intended to go into effect on March 10, but due to the Trump administration’s 60-day freeze on regulatory activity, the implementation date is being extended until March 21. OSHA states, however, that the delay does not impact the rule’s compliance dates.

The rule, entitled “Occupational Exposure to Beryllium,” not only establishes new permissible exposure limits to the element, but also includes provisions for exposure assessment and control, proper clothing and respiratory gear, and guidelines for housekeeping and recordkeeping.

Read the OSHA announcement here, or find the original “Occupational Exposure to Beryllium” rule here.

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