WisDOT Updates Single Trip Permits

- The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) has published a recent update to MV 2605 regarding single trip permit general conditions.

The new conditions are applicable to all single trip permits and are required to be carried at all times along with the permit. Drivers should review them to ensure their permitted loads are using the current conditions.

The majority of the changes to the conditions were in formatting, however, there were three important updates that should be noted.
  1. The update defined official publication methods of permit suspension and other updates in Number 5.
  2. The update added Number 8 which requires that the carriers must survey, identify, and mitigate any route obstructions prior to move.
  3. The update consolidated and reformatted the times of operation into Number 25.
The official version of MV 2605 is available here.

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