Alabama Enforces Steel Coil Driver Certification.

The Alabama Department of Public Safety (DPS) says that hard enforcement of the metal coil law driver certification will begin on January 1, 2012. DPS has a database of every driver that has completed the certification process. DPS also has a “self-certification” program that will be introduced any day now.

Companies wanting to self certify their metal coil securement program will be able to download a self-certification affidavit from the DPS website (, complete and return the form to DPS headquarters for approval. Once approved, the company will be notified and will be assigned a password that will allow them to enter their certified drivers names into the database. DPS troopers will check the database during a traffic stop or roadside inspection to determine if the driver has been certified to haul metal coils into or out of Alabama..

Instructions for downloading the certification form.

On the DPS home page click on Divisions, then Highway Patrol Home, then Motor Carrier Safety Unit on the left side. When you get the Motor Carrier Safety Unit page, look under “Forms” and you will find the Carrier Affidavit for Metal Coil Securement Certification. The form must be mailed to Montgomery, and the carrier will receive a letter with instructions on how to enter their driver’s names into the system.

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