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Jan. 21, 12pm EST  

Equipment Financing Trends

Current trends give the impression thatthere is a “new way” to finance a company’s equipment, however trends don’t always provide the proper path or direction for all companies. This webinar will provide an analysis of the major equipment sectors for the equipment finance industry. During this presentation, speaker Harry Fry, Jr. of Harry Fry & Associates will outline several areas regarding rates and terms encountered by our industry in the current market. Additionally, he will answer the following questions:
  •  Should a company lease or finance their equipment?
  •  What are others doing and why?
Mr. Fry will highlight why the most important aspect of a finance/lease deal is not always the rate.  If you’re looking to lease or purchase new or used equipment in the upcoming year, this is a webinar you won’t want to miss!

Speaker: Harry Fry, Jr., Harry Fry & Associates

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

12 pm Eastern


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$49 for non-members


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If you're an SC&RA member and are interested in viewing a past webinar recording, contact Jillian Williams, jwilliams@scranet.org or call (703)-698-0291 X580

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