Issue Brief

Any oversize or overweight (OS/OW) vehicle or load using a roadway requires an Oversize/Overweight Permit to operate. Depending on the distance and route used to move the vehicle or load the number of required permits can become extensive. These costs increase the price of bids placed for jobs as well as increase the planning time and operating time needed to complete moves and lifts within the industry.  Furthermore, the definition of what makes specialized Transportation jobs so special is the amount of risk and the amount of reward for a job well done.  SC&RA members understand that it is critical to manage the amount of risk that both the load and the company are exposed to when operating within the industry.  Because of this, SC&RA provides it’s members with a number of resources to help educate, train, operate and evaluate safety and risk management programs and concerns for the good of the industry as well as the general public.

SC&RA Working Positions

SC&RA is actively pushing for harmonization of state permit providers and polices as well as a modernization of automated systems to better serve the industry  SC&RA also engages with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and its 4 regional groups (the Western Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (WASHTO), the Southern Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (SASHTO), the Northeast Association of State Transportation Officials (NASTO) and the Mid America Association of State Transportation Officials (MAASHTO) to advocate for the needs of member companies. In 2016, Members have enjoyed several wins in more than twelve states, including weight limit increases, online permit request processes times being improved, and more routes being made available for travel. SC&RA has also established a minimum request of states to allow 23,000 Thousand pounds on a single axle, 44,000 to 46,000 thousand pounds on a 2-axle tandem, 60,000 thousand pounds on a tridem, 80, thousand pounds on a quad and a to be determined weight on a trunnion/dual lane trailer and harmonization between states on other weight requirements are met. In addition, SC&RA has developed template configurations representing 5 to 13 axle combinations.

Latest Issue Updates