2019 Advocacy Victory

SC&RA Collaborates with Government Groups on Specialized Transportation Recommendations

SC&RA recently concluded participation in a unique government/industry work group that spent four months studying issues involving state-line superload permit inspections, bridge hits and police/private escorts. The work group consisted of representatives from American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, National Pilot Vehicle Safety Alliance, National Pilot Car Association, and SC&RA. The recommendations included:

  • Guidelines for streamlining state line inspections of OS/OW loads
  • Guidelines for dimensions of loads which determine when law enforcement escort should be required
  • Best Practices for stemming the increase in bridge strikes across North America
  • Guidelines for states/provinces that are considering replacing law enforcement escort of certain OS/OW loads with civilian escorts with advanced certifications
  • Reciprocity for pilot certification be required for pilot escort vehicle operators in all states and provinces

  • Each organization will now consider adopting the recommendations.
The Group made final recommendations after the Skagit River Bridge collapse.


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