2018 Advocacy Victory

SC&RA Uniform Permit Transport Wins in 2018

Connecticut: Increased over-dimension permit allowances and confirmed its pilot program for weekend travel of indivisible loads.

Florida: Expanded weekend and nighttime movement and improved automated permit analysis, bringing the state in line with AASHTO’s Phase I and II harmonization resolutions.

Indiana: Agreed to install a new automated permit system within a year, providing greater efficiencies to members.

Oklahoma: Passed a bill on tandem weights as advocated by SC&RA, representing a positive step toward comprehensive axle and tandem weight allowance.

Maryland: Authorized continuous travel, 24/7, for hauling permit loads that qualify for auto-issue service.

Missouri: Now allows auto-issuance of 80,000 lbs. on a quad – up to and including 160,000 lbs. Additionally, Missouri upgraded its online OS/OW permit system.

Texas: Increased self-issue permitting for OS/OW loads and cranes within certain dimensions.

Wisconsin: Increased auto-issue thresholds for single-trip permits.

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