NCCCO Foundation Launches “Most Similar Certifications” Directory

- The NCCCO Foundation has announced the launch of a web-based directory designed to help employers navigate OSHA’s rules on crane operator qualifications. The Most Similar Certifications Directory is designed to assist employers in selecting the most appropriate operator certification for a particular crane when no specific accredited certification is available.  It is the result of the NCCCO’s Foundation’s research and education initiative designed to enhance safety and encourage compliance with federal and state safety rules and regulations.

The NCCCO Crane Type Advisory Group (CTAG) formed in 2017 and over the last three years had now refined the process by which these very necessary determinations are made. CTAG has met over a dozen times and made determinations about more than 20 specific crane types and/or crane installations in response to requests from employers, training firms, regulators, and other industry stakeholders. A full listing of CTAG’s “most similar” determinations can be found at Background to the OSHA Crane Operator Certification Rule and the rationale for the establishment of CTAG can be found here. And a full listing of the crane subject matter experts who serve on the CTAG committee is available here. Anyone not finding a particular type of crane in the Directory is encouraged to contact the committee at

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