SC&RA Environmental Forum Set for Sept. 13

- Set for Sept. 13 at SC&RA headquarters in Centreville, Va., the upcoming SC&RA Environmental Forum is open to all interested members. The Forum will look ahead and prepare for how changes in regulatory systems will evolve and impact industry as the government tackles ongoing environmental issues. Allen Schaeffer, an expert on clean diesel technologies with the Diesel Technology Forum, will serve as the keynote at this one-day event.  Schaeffer has been working with SC&RA for more than a year, providing insights and perspective on current environmental issues, as well as organizing the Forum. As for why members should attend the Forum, Schaeffer believes it is time for leaders to roll up their sleeves and pursue the information needed to compete. “It’s not just for the sake of the business – as a professional, it also boosts your standing and expands your capabilities beyond what perhaps you’re doing now,” he explained. “It makes you more valuable. And a lot of it is right in front of us. Ultimately, it might differentiate the successful companies from ones that maybe were not paying attention as much as they should have been.” It is all about the interactions and the resulting perspective gained. “Firsthand discussions with people – hearing about their day-to-day problems,” he said. “What are they saying when discussing these issues? What does environment mean to them? How do they talk about it now? Do they even talk about it? Conversations like these on every level can be very insightful, and in this case, likely quite impactful.” For more information on attending the one-day event, contact SC&RA’s Beth O’Quinn or Chris Smith.


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