SC&RA Requests 5 Year Extension on HOS 30-Minute Rest Break for Crane Operators 

-Late last week, SC&RA requested a renewal of a five-year exemption extension on behalf of crane operators from the mandatory 30-minute rest break hours-of-service requirement set forth at 49 CFR 395.3(a)(3)(ii). The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration granted the initial exemption effective November 1, 2016. On November 27, 2018, FMCSA announced the exemption renewal for an additional 5 years, valid through November 1, 2023. 
The SC&RA-specific exemption covers individuals operating mobile cranes with a rated lifting capacity of greater than 30 tons, who engage in specialized training, qualification, and certification.  While the cranes subject to the exemption and operated by the operators are road-worthy and capable of near highway speeds, the cranes’ primary function and intended use relates to off-road services and, therefore do not encounter many of the driving conditions applicable to standard trucking. 
As soon as SC&RA receives a response, membership will be notified, and documentation will be provided. For more information, contact SC&RA’s Senior Vice President, Crane & Rigging Beth O’Quinn.

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