SC&RA Requests Colorado Increase Maximum Weight Limit on “West Coast” Trunnion Trailer

- The Permit Subcommittee of the Colorado DOT’s Freight Advisory Council (FAC) met Monday evening to consider a proposal to increase the state’s maximum weight limit for axle groups on a 9-axle “West Coast” trunnion trailer. The proposal, brought forward by SC&RA Board of Directors member, Dan Wells (ProMiles), and accompanied by a technical presentation from Chris Smith, VP of Transportation, requests Colorado increase its maximum weight limit to 60,000 lbs. per axle group for these specific trailer types, harmonizing the state’s policy with most other states in its region. This increase recognizes the equivalent weight distribution the 9-axle trunnion configuration has with respect to the 13-axle tandem combination, also widely used, but operating at nearly 24 feet longer than the trunnion. The trunnion system can achieve such weight distribution at a shorter length by redistributing additional tires on independent axles that also provide additional load stability.

In 2019, SC&RA successfully advocated for and won this axle group weight limit increase for trunnions in New Mexico. In the years since, New Mexico has reported a significant increase in permitted loads and revenue because of their permitting these configurations. In addition to Colorado, Utah, and Oklahoma, remain the only states in the region that do not yet allow this weight limit for West Coast trunnions. For more information, contact Smith.

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