SC&RF Announces Three Scholarship Recipients

- The SC&RF Is pleased to announce three award winners for the third scholarship round of 2021. The three winners are Emilo Garcia; Richard McGraw; and Lee Mobley.

Emilo Garcia was awarded a seat in CICB’s mobile crane operator course at 50% tuition in addition to $2,000 toward the remainder of tuition. He is a CICB Continuing Education Scholarship recipient.  Garcia told the committee, "I am interested in the CICB NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator Training program because, since I am already currently working in the crane operations field, the program is specifically designed to prepare me to successfully complete written exams. This is also an area of interest because the sky is the limit when going through the CICB program."

Richard McGraw was awarded a seat in CICB's advanced NCCCO certification prep course at 100% tuition. Additionally, he is awarded $2,000 to assist with NCCO certification fees not covered by tuition. McGraw is currently working in the industry operating a boom truck and supervising two teams for Traffic Control Devices, Inc.

Lee Mobley is employed by an SC&RA member company, Project Freight LLC, and was awarded $1,830 and is the recipient of the Anderson Trucking Service Continuing Education Award. Mobley will use his award to cover the tuition for a CLTD (Certified Logistics, Transportation and Distribution) course with ASCM. Mobley said, "While there are many aspects of the logistics industry that I find interesting, trucking offers me the kinds of challenges and opportunities that I need to feel fulfilled and motivated. As I have gained experience and built relationships, I've really enjoyed the opportunity to grow and learn in our rapidly changing industry."

There are several Continuing Education awards with NCCCO for certification fees, as well as scholarships for tuition with ITI, CICB, and Morrow Crane Company. No income cap exits on the Vocational/Tech Scholarship. Employees of SC&RA member companies are encouraged to apply by the August 31 deadline to ensure class completion in the fall. Apply here. For more information, contact Jackie Roskos.

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