Share What’s LEGENDARY for SC&RA’s 75th Anniversary

- In anticipation of its 75th anniversary in 2023, SC&RA, in conjunction with KHL Group, plans to publish a new book titled LEGENDARY. A coffee table styled book, this publication will key on the legendary people, jobs and equipment that have defined the crane, rigging and specialized transportation industry through the years. The colorful editorial section will be full of photos and will update the history of the SC&RA from 2008, when SC&RA and KHL Group published the Association’s 60th anniversary book, Lifting and Moving the World.

The project will require more than a year of research, writing, photograph procurement, design, and printing. KHL Group and the American Cranes & Transport team will draw on hundreds of resources and will need our member’s assistance in assuring this project comes to fruition.

“SC&RA would like to encourage member companies to furnish photographs and narrative copy related to milestones in the history of our industry,” said Joel Dandrea, SC&RA CEO. “The editors will be seeking photos of noteworthy construction projects, cranes, trucks, trailers, equipment and people that shaped the history of our industry. Please correspond with our Editor D.Ann Shiffler about your photographs and editorial submissions.”

SC&RA members are invited to participate in this book through a profile underwriting campaign. In a special section titled “Profiles of Progress,” SC&RA member companies have the opportunity to be showcased through profile articles chronicling the history of their companies. Profile articles will be written by KHL-commissioned professional history writers who will work individually with member companies to ensure the profiles tell the story of each company that participates.

Many members may have participated in the other two SC&RA books. Along with the professional writing and award-winning book page design, underwriters also receive a pre-established number of books to distribute to clients, family, and friends and to treasure as a corporate archive.

To participate in the first round of profiles, please contact KHL’s Matt Burk or Bev O’Dell

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