The Time is NOW for Submitting Job of the Year Applications

- SC&RA is encouraging members to start their Job of the Year applications now. A new frequently asked questions document gives you the insight you need to take the plunge or improve your application. Each entry is judged individually on the elements of the job. What matters most is clearly explaining your focus on safety, planning, overcoming obstacles, and execution. Here are dates you need to keep in mind:

  • Applications close         August 17
  • Presentations due         September 27
  • Contestants’ Meeting   October 26
  • Competition                   October 28
  • Winners announced      October 29
If this is your first time applying or you need a refresher, check out the Jobs of the Year contest rules for Rigging and Hauling. For specific questions on Rigging JOYs, contact Beth O’Quinn. For Hauling JOYs, contact Chris Smith. To register for the Annual Conference where the Contestants’ Meeting, Competition, and announcement takes place, visit

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