Upcoming Free Webinar: How to Manage a Crane Accident

- There is a tendency to think that a crane accident will never happen on our watch. Unfortunately, despite all our efforts to prevent them, accidents do occur. SC&RA’s upcoming webinar, How to Manage a Crane Accident, Sept. 23, 2-3 pm ET, will provide information and procedures for preparedness before something happens and what steps to follow in the event you are faced with a serious crane accident on your project. Joseph (Joe) Collins, Heavy Lift Division Manager, Becht Engineering Co., Inc., will lead the attendee through several steps including: How to assist emergency first responders; How to identify and preserve evidence; and how to develop techniques to safely recover and remove damaged cranes and equipment. This webinar is brought to you in part by KHL Group and sponsor, WrightPlan Incorporated. To register, click here or contact Melanie Khoury.

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