Workshop Focus: How B30 Works for You & Developing Defenses

- Several topics slated for the upcoming Virtual Reality Crane & Rigging Workshop, Sept. 16-17, focus on compliance and risk management, such as Let B30 Work for You: Defend Against Personal Injury Actions. Michael Rubin of Goldberg Segalla and Thom Sicklesteel of NCCCO take a deep dive into the B30.5 Standard to understand who is responsible for what (among the various entities/players on a crane jobsite) and how those responsibilities may be allocated for three main types of hazards: below the ground, at ground level and above the ground hazards. In Developing Defenses, Danny Cain, Edwards Moving & Rigging and Kent Miller, National Interstate, will share why accidents occur, and what methods to follow to develop defenses to minimize accidents throughout an organization. Special thanks to the educational sponsors: Lift Systems, Inc.; Nelson Manufacturing; Riggers Manufacturing Company; and Rigging Gear Sales, as well as Diamond Sponsors: A1A Software; National Interstate Insurance; and NBIS. For more information or to register, visit

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