2015 Annual Report



SC&RA continues to thrive in an industry marked by a shrinking number of companies. In recent years, we have watched with interest as a number of our member companies have merged or been acquired. Other companies within our potential membership universe have either left the industry or shut down completely. Yet, we closed out 2015 with 1,326 members, compared to 1,285 at the end of 2014. That left us only one company shy of SC&RA’s all-time high of 1,327 members in 2009. Many well-known associations envy SC&RA’s average member retention rate of 92 percent. Moreover, although the final numbers are not in as I write this, our budget for 2015 is tracking nearly $140,000 ahead of the original projections.

I believe that anyone looking for clues as to how we accomplished this can find them easily enough by perusing the pages of this publication. And by reading this Annual Report, our members will be reminded of the many ways we continually meet our steadfast commitment to advocate, educate and provide networking opportunities to support the industry in operating safely, legally and profitably around the world.

Through advocacy efforts, members made regulatory breakthroughs in many areas that directly affect the way they do business. Without SC&RA specialized carriers would more likely find themselves forced off the road by hours-of-service rules that defy common sense and leave them no place to park and crane operators might never gain workable crane operator certification requirements. SC&RA refuses to back down on matters of importance to members—even when the endeavors require many years of effort.

Through SC&RA’s expanding network of affinity partnerships, members gain discounts and savings across ranges of products and services. The newest of these affinity programs, Staples Advantage, has helped the bottom line of a growing number of members since its introduction in January 2015. The oldest, with NBIS, has provided unparalleled specialized insurance and risk management services for 20 years. Like SC&RA, each of these affinity partners constantly seeks ways to serve our members better.

Year after year, SC&RA offers its own specialized products that otherwise would not be available to members. We are particularly proud of our new 104-page Guide to Mobile Crane Safety Management. At the same time, SC&RA continually improves indispensible existing products such as the Oversize/Overweight Permit Manual.

We keep our members knowledgeable about our advocacy efforts, affinity programs, new products and more through a full schedule of meetings, webinars, special events, newsletters, magazines, and social media. All of these also provide a wealth of opportunities for members to interact and build their businesses.

We are particularly excited about helping our members attract the great employees they need to keep their businesses strong through our new Lift & Move series of meetings. We believe these meetings nicely complement the SC&R Foundation’s efforts to ensure a bright future for the industry’s workforce through scholarships, as well as an intensified commitment to grants for those seeking to improve their professional skills.

Yet another way we serve our membership is to provide a comprehensive awards program that helps provide richly deserved recognition for achievements by both companies and employees. As you will see in this report, SC&RA continues to find ways to make these valuable programs even better. Yes, 2015 was a very good year for SC&RA. In 2016, we pledge to remain confident without becoming complacent.



The Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association (SC&RA) is an international trade association that ended 2015 with 1,326 member companies involved in specialized transportation, machinery moving and erecting, industrial maintenance, millwrighting, crane and rigging operations, manufacturing and crane rental. All evidence points to continued growth in membership numbers in 2016.

Much of SC&RA’s work is accomplished under the auspices of the Transportation and Crane & Rigging Governing Committees and through their various committees and task forces. A third of the members participate in both industry segments and participate in both groups.

Additionally, the Allied Industries Group provides the gamut of products and services for members of the industry. Allied members engage in publishing, research insurance, consulting, finance, accounting, equipment manufacture and sales, and business services and other activities. These organizations frequently serve on Crane & Rigging and Transportation committees and present unique, useful information during Association educational sessions and policy making discussions. Furthermore, they contribute thousands of dollars as event sponsors supporting the industry and Association.

The Ladies Group, consists of women affiliated with or married to employees of an SC&RA member company. The SC&R Foundation, a separate 501(c)3 organization, provides industry-related research and scholarships to benefit SC&RA members.

Allied 31 %
Industry Transportation 18 %
Industry Crane & Rigging 18 %
Industry C&R and Transportation 33 %

Membership By Gross Revenue $0 - $1 MiL 27%
$1Mil - $3 Mil 20% $3 Mil - $5 Mil 9%
$5 Mil - $10 Mil 10% $10M - $50 Mil+ 15%
International 16% Subsidiary 3%



Long recognized as the industry’s international organization with members in 46 nations on six continents, SC&RA continued to demonstrate its global commitment through involvement with the World Crane and Transport Alliance. This alliance, founded by SC&RA, also includes the Crane Industry Council of Australia, Crane Rental Association of Canada, European Specialized Transport Association, New Zealand Heavy Haul Association, and Brazil’s Sindipesa.  

SC&RA also continued to participate in the International Crane Stakeholders Assembly (ICSA), which includes the Crane Industry Council of Australia, the China Construction Machinery Association, the Federation of European Manufacturers, the European Association of Abnormal Road Transport and Mobile Cranes, and the Association of Equipment Manufacturers. The ICSA on Sept. 1 in Bursewood, Western Australia, hosted by the Crane Industry Council of Australia, featured SC&RA’s presentation on The U.S. Market—Key Issues, Priorities and Activities.

SC&RA members and staff were among more than 300 attendees at the World Crane & Transport Summit in Amsterdam in November, where Jan Klein, CEO of SC&RA member Mammoet, provided the keynote address. SC&RA participation contributed greatly to the success of the International Tower Crane Conference in London on May 28. SC&RA’s media partner KHL held these events, which the Association also sponsored.

As further evidence of SC&RA’s expanding global outreach, the Association added its first member from South Korea in 2015. It also regained a member presence in the countries of Iran and Japan.



Throughout 2015, SC&RA members and staff worked with numerous government agencies, labor unions and other associations to lessen burdensome rules and laws in a growing list of areas from the local to the international levels. SC&RA serves as members’ advocate in matters such as crane operator and pilot car driver certification; harmonization of oversize/overweight permit regulations from state to state; tariffs; taxes; energy conservation and costs; safety; transportation infrastructure funding; and highway tolling.

SC&RA’s location near the nation’s capital continued to facilitate meetings with federal agencies that regulate the industry. Additionally, the Association’s executive staff frequently travels to states and, when needed, internationally to support the industry’s best interest. 

SC&RA gained a major victory on June 18, 2015, when the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) granted the Association’s request for a limited exemption from compliance with the 30-minute rest break requirement of the  Hours-of-Service Rule for drivers. The exemption for all commercial motor commercial motor carriers operating under any oversize/overweight (OS/OW) permit in the U.S. was essential because of the widely varying regulations for OS/OW permits “within the fifty states, thousands of municipalities, counties, and other government entities.”

These variations from jurisdiction to jurisdiction frequently involve the duration of the permit, the particular days of the week and the precise hours of the day in which a driver may haul an OS/OW load. Because hours in which an OS/OW load can travel are restricted by permit requirement, often those hours will be in conflict with the timing of a required 30-minute rest break.
In gaining the exemption, SC&RA described several potential concerns facing drivers when attempting to meet the 30 minute rest break requirement while transporting OS/OW loads, including: inability to find adequate safe haven parking locations for an OS/OW load as the timing for the 30-minute rest break approaches; difficulties coordinating timing with government escorts when they are required; and delays in leaving a jurisdiction in timely fashion when only a few minutes or miles remain before the permit expires.

On Dec. 31, SC&RA set the stage for further progress in 2016 by requesting a limited exemption for crane operators from FMCSA’s Hours-of-Service regulation. SC&RA specifically requested exemption “on behalf of individuals who operate cranes with a rated lifting capacity of greater than 30 tons, who engage in specialized training and certification.” Although these cranes primarily are used off-road, they are roadworthy and capable of near highway speeds. SC&RA estimated that there are approximately 65,000 operators of such cranes in the United States.


SC&RA occasionally issues white papers about pressing issues as part of its advocacy efforts. A noteworthy example in 2015 addressed  how “poorly designed intersections and interchanges have a direct impact on transport costs and adversely impact a private company’s ability to competitively produce and ship oversize/overweight (OS/OW) products by creating barriers for OS/OW carriers.” SC&RA sent a copy of the three-page white paper to all state departments of transportation, state freight advisory groups, state industry groups involved with the movement of OS/OW loads, federal officials and others who have a voice in the future design of intersections and interchanges. This document emphasized that civil engineers’ efforts to increase safety and efficiency at the nation’s crossroads have primarily focused on the volume of cars, arguably at the expense of trucks, particularly OS/OW trucks.


 SC&RA also continued to play a prominent role in shaping the outcome of several Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) projects. As a sub-consultant on an FHWA pilot car project, SC&RA is updating best practices guidelines and working toward national pilot car certification. Additionally, SC&RA has been selected to participate in FHWA’s National Coalition on Truck Parking and is proving insights about the unique challenges faced by the specialized transportation industry regarding truck parking shortages.


SC&RA also expanded its relationships with ports in 2015, highlighted by partnerships with Port Authorities in Maryland, Georgia and Oklahoma as the Association pursues challenging permit harmonization changes in each state.  Members and staff also conducted two successful meetings with the Exporters Competitive Maritime Council, an influential group of Shippers and Manufacturers, and SC&RA joined forces with various organizations in advocating for more reasonable rules rates and practices for moving freight through U.S. ports.


In spring 2015, an SC&RA representative participated at a series of seven technical sessions held in the New York City Department of Buildings (NYC Buildings) concerning RS 19-2, the local reference standard for cranes and derricks. Included in RS 19-2 are the technical details for the tests and inspections that must be satisfied to obtain a permit (certification) and the operation details concerning how to safely run a crane, derrick and related equipment.

NYC Buildings sought comments during these sessions to assist it in drafting proposed amendments to the standard that: adopt the latest national and international standards for cranes and derricks; adopt High-Risk Construction Oversight Study recommendations pertaining to cranes and derricks; and incorporate the latest technology and best practices.


SC&RA was among ten of the nation’s leading construction industry organizations that launched the Coalition for Crane Operator Safety (CCOS) in October 2014. CCOS remains dedicated to ensuring the swift revision and finalization of the crane operator certification requirements of the federal Cranes & Derricks in Construction Standard, which has been more than two decades in the making within the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Working with the legislative and executive branches of government, CCOS strives to ensure that crane operator certification requirements in the Standard are amended and finalized in a way that provides the highest degree of safety for the construction industry and the public.


CCOS – whose membership includes labor, management, equipment manufacturing, insurance underwriters and accredited certification organizations – specifically calls for OSHA to rescind the crane capacity certification requirement, as well as a provision that equates employer certification with qualification. OSHA’s final requirements, published in 2010, contained these two provisions, which CCOS argues are counterproductive and a misinterpretation of the intent of OSHA’s Cranes and Derricks Advisory Committee, a group of 23 construction industry leaders commissioned by OSHA to develop a consensus document that formed the basis of the rule.



SC&RA produces many industry-specific products such as technical manuals and training videos. All products are continually reviewed to ensure they reflect current regulations and other realities. Members may obtain many of these tools at no charge; others are available to them at a substantial discount. Some are available only to members. This ever-expanding lineup of products enables companies to conduct internal training, improve safety, generate more business and enhance productivity.

New in 2015 was SC&RA’s Guide to Mobile Crane Safety Management. Published to fortify SC&RA’s ongoing efforts to reduce crane and lifting accidents, this 104-page book reflects substantial changes in tools, technologies and perspectives over the last two decades. Among developments covered are those resulting from new Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules and updated standards such as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) B30.5 – Mobile and Locomotive Cranes.

Of all the SC&RA Transportation Group products, the Oversize/Overweight Permit Manual has long been the most popular. With more than 450 pages of material available at the click of a mouse, this online resource includes is updated as often as 15 times annually. It includes the latest available information from the 50 states, the District of Columbia, the 10 Canadian provinces and territories concerning changed permit requirements, costs, equipment requirements, escort car requirements, hours of travel and other procedures for moving or securing permits for over-dimensional loads. 


In 2015, the Association continued to improve the SC&RA Membership Directory. The web-based version now allows users to find SC&RA members that meet their unique transportation, crane, rigging and millwrighting needs. Wherever users have Internet access, they can see complete listings of members’ facilities, contacts, equipment and services provided. The Directory also continues to be available in print.


Many members opted to order features that will debut in the 2016 directory, including all-color listings. Additionally, for the first time, all companies will find the SC&RA awards they won in 2016 included in the listing at no additional charge.  Also in 2016, the directory, including all member logos, will be printed in full color in both the print and online version of the directory unless the member specifies that its logo should appear in black.



SC&RA gives members access to vital services designed especially for them. Pooling industry buying power has
facilitated the creation of superior supplier programs for members that provide assistance to members in the form of discounts and savings across a growing range of partnerships. Often, participants in these affinity programs more than recoup their annual investment in SC&RA membership.  

In January 2015, SC&RA launched an affinity program that gives members opportunities to save time and money through Staples Advantage, the commercial division of Staples. The new program offers: easy online ordering through the Staples Advantage website at www.staplesadvantage.com and access to the discount program in any Staples brick-and-mortar location worldwide; a dedicated customer service team with an individual account manager for SC&RA’s members; instant discounts of 3 percent on orders of $250 or more; free next day delivery; and discounts on Cleaning, Breakroom, and Health and Wellness Programs.

For 20 years, NBIS specialized business insurance has been the exclusively endorsed property and casualty provider of SC&RA, giving both large and small member companies access through their own local brokers to the unique, complete and customizable coverage they need at the most competitive rates. As SC&RA’s
most popular affinity program, NBIS available coverage includes General Liability, Property/Inland
Marine, Commercial Auto, Excess/Umbrella, Custom Cargo/Transit, Trucker’s Liability, Physical Damage and Workers’ Compensation.  

Additionally, NBIS offers the one-of-a-kind Risk Management Support System that provides the tools members need to minimize their overall cost and exposure to risk. NBIS also provides webinars, educational sessions at major meetings and other activities at no charge to SC&RA members. Furthermore, NBIS staff represents SC&RA members’ best interests by participating on OSHA and ANSI Standards Committees.
Benovate and Association Benefits Resources have created a program for SC&RA members, which is a unique self-funded insurance plan for employee health insurance. This program incorporates a health management component that helps SC&RA members comply with the Affordable Care Act, and help drivers and riggers maintain compliance with DOT/OSHA health and safety guidelines. Additionally, the SC&RA Health Benefit Plan will be delivered at a projected lower cost than traditional health insurance.

Through SC&RA’s agreement with PartnerShip®, members who enroll in the SC&RA Shipping Program save up to 27 percent on FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery services. The discounts apply to shipments members send and receive. PartnerShip links the discounts automatically to members’ existing FedEx accounts.

SC&RA’s Enterprise/National Car Rental affinity program, provides standard discount rates, plus additional discounts in key destinations. This program has proven particularly popular in conjunction with SC&RA events, but it can be used by member companies and their employees at any time.

Through SC&RA, members gain access to vital services designed especially for them. The Association continually looks for opportunities to pool the industry’s buying power to facilitate the creation of superior supplier programs for members.



Throughout 2015, SC&RA enhanced its communication efforts with members and allies through social media. Through SC&RA’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages, a growing number of members and other visitors learned quickly and conveniently about new developments in the Association and the industry it serves.

Social media facilitated participation among members. SC&RA let members tell the industry’s story vividly with pictures through a monthly photo contest. For added interest and variety, each month’s contest featured a different theme. Winning entries became the Facebook cover photo.

At the same time, SC&RA continued to refine its www.scranet.org website, weekly SC&RA E-News, and the quarterly Safety & Risk Management News. The formats are all now designed for compatibility with all types of computer monitors, smart phones and tablets. Readers also took advantage of the ability to share articles and offer comments via email and SC&RA’s social media platforms. The biennial Ladies Group Newsletter also kept spouses informed about fun and fundraising opportunities.

Through a partnership with KHL, members received SC&RA’s two official monthly magazines—American Cranes & Transport and International Cranes and Specialized Transport. Both magazines provide in-depth coverage of the Association and the industry, including member news and profiles, innovative developments in equipment and its usage, safety, industry financial trends and more. These magazines also provide SC&RA members an attractive avenue for targeted advertising. KHL’s iPad and tablet versions of its magazines offered innovative rich media, including videos, audio podcasts and interactive advertisements.  

Many other publications serving the industry also included positive news from and about SC&RA throughout 2015. Examples included Construction Equipment Guide, Construction Latin America, Engineering News Record, Equipment World, Fleet Owner, Heavy Lift & Project Forwarding International, Insurance Journal, Lift & Access,   Overdrive, Transport Topics, and  Truck News.



in addition to kicking off the year with Board & Committee Meetings, SC&RA hosted three major annual membership meetings in 2015 that provided networking opportunities, exhibit centers and educational sessions for hundreds of attendees from around the world. Members enjoyed discounted registration rates on these meetings, and new members received one complimentary registration.  

For the second year, SC&RA offered a free meeting app for all of its major meetings, allowing attendees to build a personal schedule and have it at their fingertips, receive reminders and updates, network with attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and speakers, participate in surveys, use interactive maps for the hotel and exhibit center, and stay connected with the Association on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Additionally, SC&RA kicked off a new meeting specifically designed to attract new employees, particularly young people and military members. Based on success of this meeting, Lift & Move USA, the Association is planning for three similar events in 2016.

January Board & Committee Meetings
Grand Wailea
Maui, Hawaii
January 4-7

Each year, the Boards of SC&RA and the SC&R Foundation, as well as about two dozen committees reporting to them, approve the annual budgets and establish the organization’s plans and priorities for the coming year during the January Board & Committee Meetings. The 2015 round of meetings had 183 participants.   

Specialized Transportation Symposium
Atlanta Marriott Marquis
Atlanta, Ga.
March 3-6

The Specialized Transportation Symposium brought together state and federal officials with member companies to nurture a spirit of cooperation that serves the industry, the government and the public. Highlights included sessions on safety, legal issues, regulatory developments, the environment, and best business practices. The Symposium had 450 attendees. Among those participating were 72 first-timers and (insert # here) exhibitors and 37 international members from five nations.   

Annual Conference
La Costa Resort & Spa
Carlsbad, Calif.
April 14-18

The Annual Conference attracted more than 740 participants, including 87 individuals from ten nations outside the United States. Contributing to the overall success of the Annual Conference were exceptional presentations during both the Hauling and Rigging Job of the Year Competitions, a lively Products Fair with 91 booths, and networking that carried over throughout the recreational activities, receptions, Foundation Gala, and the Closing Night Awards and Recognition Dinner.   

Lift & Move USA
Chicago Marriott Midway
Chicago, Ill.
June 16-17

This new event—organized by SC&RA, KHL Group, and the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators—attracted more than 140 attendees, including about 100 students and veterans looking to learn more about career opportunities in the crane, rigging and specialized transportation industry. Most of the attendees came from Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

Crane & Rigging Workshop
Sheraton Denver Downtown
Denver, Colo.
September 23-25

The Crane & Rigging Workshop catered over 550 engineers, crane operators, safety directors, and top management.
Among attendees were 129 first-timers and 34 international members. Highlights included educational sessions presented by some of the industry’s top experts; meetings of the Tower Crane, Safety Education & Training, Labor, and Governing Committees; an Exhibit Center featuring products and services from 86 companies; and lively receptions; continental breakfasts and refreshment breaks.

Webinar Series

SC&RA complemented its full slate of major meetings with monthly webinars to address a number of topics and audiences presented by experts in their respective fields. SC&RA members can log in to all webinars at no charge, and non-members are charged only a nominal fee. The best-attended webinars in 2015 were Progress with Permitting (Best Practices), Gantry Stability Basics, and Accident Investigation. To view a complete archive of past webinars, visit www.scranet.org and login to the “members only” section.

2016 SC&RA Events

January 3-6
2014 January Board & Committee Meetings
Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

February 10
Lift & Move USA
TNT Crane and Rigging
Houston, Texas

March 1-4
Specialized Transportation Symposium
The Peabody
Memphis, Tenn.

April 26-30
Annual Conference
Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek
Orlando, Fla.

May 17
Lift & Move
Graham, N.C.
September 21-23
Annual Conference
Gaylord National Harbor
National Harbor, Md.

Nov. 2
Lift & Move
The Bragg Companies
Long Beach, Calif.



Rigging Job of the Year

The Rigging Job of the Year competition saluted four rigging projects that demonstrated how SC&RA members successfully meet professional challenges encountered in rigging. The focus of each of the winners was on ingenuity, hard word and a concern for safety:


  • Over $2 million: Barnhart Crane & Rigging, Memphis, Tenn., engineered and built equipment to lift transport and set the 340 vault (originally a basement for a larger building) and 309 reactor (a highly radioactive component that had to be removed concurrently with its shielding structure as one large monolith) from the Washington Closure Hanford site in Washington to the Environmental Restoration Disposal Facility.  
  • $750,000 to $2 million: Transdata Movimentacao De Cargas Complexas, Sao Paulo, Brazil, used 1,000 and 500-ton hydraulic cranes to place two giant rolling-mill pieces measuring 48 feet by 18 feet 4 inches by 7 feet 3 inches and weighing 325 tons onto their bases. Companies traditionally use gantry cranes for erections of this type, but Transdata’s team found a more efficient way, which dramatically reduced the time and costs of the operation. 
  • $150,000 to $750,000: Fagioli, Inc., Opera, Milan, Italy, installed connecting beams to the tallest building in Italy by means of a tower-lift and strand jacking system with a lowering operation inside the tower. The 50-story building towered 662 feet and was inspired by Brancusi’s Endless Column, a metaphor for a building stretching limitlessly towards the sky.
  • Under $150,000: Barnhart Crane & Rigging, Memphis, Tenn., removed and replaced a damaged blade of a 2.5-megawatt Clipper C-96 wind turbine generator, using a craneless single blade solution. The additional weight posed by ice build-up on the blade posed a challenge that Barnhart met by employing a “steam genie” to melt the ice and perform the exchange.

Hauling Job of the Year

This competition gave richly deserved recognition to three hauling projects that epitomized how SC&RA members successfully meet successfully meet professional challenges encountered in hauling. The following winners were recognized for shipment routing, planning, overcoming physical elements, safety considerations and execution:

  • Moving (using specialized equipment, such as self-propelled transporters, dollies and crawler assemblies): Tradelossa, Mexico City, Mexico, performed over 1,000 moves—including specialized, oversize and super loads—from different origins to Etileno XXI, the biggest Oil & Gas Project to date in Latin America. The largest piece moved for the project was a reactor weighing 880 tons and measuring approximately 302 feet long and 20 feet wide.
  • Over 160,000 pounds (net): Barnhart Crane & Rigging, Memphis, Tenn., transported a secondary reformer 1,605 miles from Tulsa, Okla. to Lima, Ohio via barge and over-the-road trucking. The reformer dimensions were 73 feet 1 inch by 17 feet 8 inches by 18 feet 4 inches with a weight of 425,000 pounds. The transporter was 300 feet 1 inch by 24 feet 4 inches by 18 feet 4 inches with a weight of 885,000 pounds.
  • Under 160,000 pounds (net): Precision Specialized Division, Inc., Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada, moved six large smoothing reactors from Toronto, Ontario, Canada to four locations in Central Alberta, Canada via alternative routing because of the load size. The reactors measured 15 feet by 15 feet 4 inches by 16 feet 6 inches with a net weight of 110,000 pounds. The loaded dimensions were 109 feet by 15 feet 4 inches by 18 feet 6 inches.

Environmental Award

  • Maxim Crane Works, L.P., Monroeville, Pa., won this award for internal standard that go well beyond complying with regulations and encompass strong progress to reduce environmental impact and preserve the planet’s beauty and resources for generations to follow.

President’s Award 

Three companies were recognized for membership recruitment:

  • Bennett International Group, McDonough, Ga.
  • Link-Belt Construction Equipment Co., Lexington, Ky.
  • Python America, Hazel Crest, Ill.

The Crane & Rigging Safety Award

Twenty-six companies won this award due to their superior safety records of achieving an incident rate of less than or equal to 2.3 plus an Experience Modification Rate of 1.0 or less: 

  • Alaska Crane, Ltd., Anchorage, Alaska
  • AmQuip Crane Rental, LLC, Philadelphia, Pa.
  • Anglemyer Crane Rental, Azusa, Calif.
  • Bollmeier Crane, Madison, Ill.
  • Boulter Industrial Contractors, Inc., Webster, N.Y.
  • Bragg Companies, Long Beach, Calif.
  • Chellino Crane Inc., Joliet, Ill.
  • CJ Drilling, Inc., Dundee, Ill.
  • Coast Crane Company, Buffalo Grove, Ill.
  • Crane Rental Corporation, Orlando, Fla.
  • Emmert International, Clackamas, Ore.
  • Essex Crane Rental Corp., Buffalo Grove, Ill.
  • Fagioli, Inc., Houston, Texas
  • Imperial Crane Services, Inc., Bridgeview, Ill.
  • International Industrial Contracting Corporation, Sterling Heights, Mich.
  • JK Crane, Kenvil, N.J.
  • Maxim Crane Works, L.P., Monroeville, Pa.
  • Mountain Crane Service, Riverton, Utah
  • M&R Constructors, Inc., Richmond, Va.
  • Shelby Mechanical, Inc., Cinnaminson, N.J.
  • Southern Industrial Constructors, Inc./Southern Crane, Raleigh, N.C.
  • Stephen Izzi Trucking & Rigging, Inc., Edison, N.J.
  • Sterett Crane & Rigging, Owensboro, Ky.
  • Tri-State Crane & Rigging, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • W.O. Grubb Crane Rental, Inc., Richmond, Va.
  • George Young Company, Swedesboro, N.J.

Crane & Rigging Zero Accidents Award

Eleven companies received this award because they did not have a single recordable accident or injury in the past year:

  • Alaska Crane, Ltd., Anchorage, Alaska
  • Anglemyer Crane Rental, Azusa, Calif.
  • Bollmeier Crane, Madison, Ill.
  • Boulter Industrial Contractors, Inc., Webster, N.Y.
  • Chellino Crane Inc., Joliet, Ill.
  • Fagioli, Inc., Houston, Texas
  • JK Crane, Kenvil, N.J.
  • Shelby Mechanical, Inc., Cinnaminson, N.J.
  • Stephen Izzi Trucking & Rigging, Inc., Edison, N.J.
  • Sterett Crane & Rigging, Owensboro, Ky.
  • Tri-State Crane & Rigging, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Crane & Rigging Safety Improvement Award

Seven companies earned this award by showing an reduced incidence rate over the previous year’s contest entry:

  • AmQuip Crane Rental LLC, Philadelphia, Pa.
  • Bragg Companies, Long Beach, Calif.
  • Chellino Crane Inc., Joliet, Ill.
  • CJ Drilling, Inc., Dundee, Ill.
  • Essex Crane Rental Corp., Buffalo Grove, Ill.
  • Maxim Crane Works, L.P., Monroeville, Pa.
  • Mountain Crane Service, Salt Lake City, Utah

Crane Operator Safety Awards

Thirteen certified crane operators from six companies earned this award for exhibiting exemplary work achievements while accumulating 10,000 consecutive man-hours and recording zero accidents or incidents:

  • Bragg Companies, Long Beach Calif. – Jamie Kimes
  • Chellino Crane Inc., Joliet, Ill. – Christopher Miller, Robert Miller, Thomas Ryan and Cary Stockin
  • Dawes Rigging & Crane Rental, Milwaukee, Wis. –  Randy Barnes
  • Imperial Crane Services, Inc., Bridgeview, Ill. – Glenn Marvin
  • Mountain Crane Service, Salt Lake City, Utah – Antoine Holmes, Jared Neeley, Ryan Neff and Jess Richins
  • Tri-State Crane & Rigging, Cedar Rapids, Iowa – John Donovan and Jamie Howard

Fleet Safety Award

Seven companies in the Transportation Group received this award for having the lowest accident frequency rate in different mileage categories:

  • Over 100 Million Miles – Landstar Transportation Logistics, Inc., South Jacksonville, Fla.
  • Over 50 Million Miles – Bennett Motor Express, McDonough, Ga.
  • 20 Million to 50 Million Miles – Keen Transport, Inc., New Kingstown, Pa.
  • 5 Million to 20 Million Miles – Midwest Specialized Transportation, Inc., Rochester, Minn.
  • 1.5 Million to 5 Million Miles – Superior Transportation, Inc., Charleston, S.C.
  • 501,000 to 1.5 Million Miles – Stephen Izzi Trucking & Rigging, Inc., Edison, N.J.
  • 100,000 to 500,000 Miles – Dun-Rite Specialized Carriers, Bronx, N.Y.

Eleven companies also received the Fleet Safety Award for obtaining an Accident Frequency Rate of less than 0.45 during all of 2014:

  • Bragg Companies – Long Beach, Calif.
  • CJ Drilling, Inc. – Dundee, Ill.
  • Crane Rental Corporation – Orlando, Fla.
  • Dawes D.S.T. – Milwaukee, Wis.
  • KMX International – Hamburg, Pa.
  • Maxim Crane Works, L.P. – Monroeville, Pa.
  • McTyre Trucking – Orlando, Fla.
  • Riechmann Transport, Inc. - Granite City, Ill.
  • Shelby Mechanical, Inc. – Cinnaminson, N.J.
  • White Brothers Trucking Company – Wasco, Ill.
  • Williams Specialized – Hicksville, N.Y.

Fleet Safety Improvement Award

Six companies earned this award by showing a reduction in their accident frequency rate for miles traveled, compared to their previous year accident frequency rate:

  • Bennett Motor Express,McDonough, Ga.
  • Bragg Companies – Long Beach, Calif.
  • George Young Company – Swedesboro, N.J.
  • Maxim Crane Works, L.P. – Monroeville, Pa.
  • McTyre Trucking – Orlando, Fla.
  • Superior Transportation, Inc., Charleston, S.C.

Million Miler Award

Four professional drivers from three companies received an award for accumulating a minimum of one million consecutive miles of safe driving within the specialized carrier industry:

  • Landstar Transportation Logistics, Inc., South Jacksonville, Fla. – Fred Durbin
  • Miller Transfer, Rootstown, Ohio – Frank Guglielmo and Mark Hawse
  • Superior Transportation, Inc., Charleston, S.C. – John Murray

Driver Safety Award

Eleven drivers from five companies received this new award for accumulating five years of accident-free driving:

  • Bragg Companies, Long Beach, Calif. – John Russell
  • Chellino Crane Inc., Joliet, Ill. – Justin Clark and Jeffery Ginter
  • Precision Heavy Haul, Inc., Tolleson, Ariz. – Daniel Earnes, Josh Foster, Dean Gaus and Michael Shavonis
  • Silk Road Transport, Inc., Arkport, N.Y. – Gregory Aguglia, Dan Haswell and Michael Nichols
  • Superior Transportation, Inc., Charleston, S.C. – Robert Leland

Longevity Award

In recognition and appreciation of loyal membership, SC&RA presented 45 Longevity Awards for continuous membership, ranging from 25 to 65 years during its 2015 Annual Conference. Longevity Award recipients include:

65 Years

  • Laramie Enterprises, Inc., Wixom, Mich. 
  • Robinson Cartage Company, Grand Rapids, Mich.
  • Talbert Manufacturing, Inc., Rensselaer, Ind.

50 Years

  • Atlas Industrial Contractors LLC, Columbus, Ohio
  • Days Machinery Movers, Elkhart, Ind.
  • Fenton Rigging & Contracting, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio

45 Years

  • Sheedy Drayage Co., San Francisco, Calif.
  • Sterett Crane & Rigging, Owensboro, Ky.

40 Years

  • Industrial Riggers, Inc., Waterbury, Conn.
  • Jerke Construction Company, Sioux Falls, S.D.
  • Tesar Industrial Contractors, Cleveland, Ohio

35 Years

  • Canton Erectors, Inc., Canton, Ohio
  • Cardinal Contracting, LLC, Indianapolis, Ind.
  • Central Rent-A-Crane Company, Hammond, Ind.
  • Industrial Movers, Inc., Galesburg, Ill.
  • Sterling Crane, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Sunshine Flag Car Service, Inc., Hershey, Pa.

30 Years

  • AmQuip Crane Rental LLC, Trevose, Pa.
  • Associated Industrial Riggers Corp., Syracuse, N.Y.
  • Barnhart (Corporate Office), Memphis, Tenn.
  • Burkhalter, Columbus, Miss.
  • C&R Transfer Corporation, San Diego, Calif.
  • Crane Rental Corporation, Orlando, Fla.
  • Duffy Crane & Hauling, Inc., Henderson, Colo.
  • Murphy Rigging & Erecting, Inc., Minneapolis, Minn.
  • PSC Crane & Rigging, Piqua, Ohio
  • Riechmann Transport, Inc., Granite City, Ill.

25 Years

  • Armstrong Crane & Rigging Corp., New Brighton, Minn.
  • Brennan & Stuart Inc., LaSalle, Ill.
  • C&C Millwright Maintenance Co., Inc., Greeneville, Tenn.
  • C. Young & Company, Inc., Austin, Texas
  • D&D Machinery Movers & Millwrights, Inc., Nicholasville, Ky.
  • Dielco Crane Service, Inc., Las Vegas, Nev.
  • Galasso Trucking & Rigging Inc., Maspeth, N.Y.
  • Hendrickson, Itasca, Ill.
  • IRH, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Jim Wilson Crane Service, Ulysses, Kan.
  • Lane’s Crane Service, Moosic, Pa.
  • Maxim Crane Works, L.P., Bridgeville, Pa.
  • Mizell Crane LLC, Paducah, Ky.
  • Royal Tractor Co., Inc., New Century, Kan.
  • Scott-Woods Transport Inc., Maple, Ontario, Canada
  • Specialized Machinery Transport, Inc., Webster, Mass.
  • Stephen Izzi Trucking & Rigging, Inc., Edison, N.J.
  • Sullivan's Crane & Rigging Co., Inc., Hobbs, N.M.



Since 1986, the SC&R Foundation, a separate nonprofit organization, has awarded scholarships and grants totaling over $460,000 for students preparing for careers related to transportation or construction management. The funding is primarily dedicated to employees of member companies, their children, stepchildren or grandchildren. However, in 2014, the Foundation opened up eligibility for the expanded grant program to those not affiliated with SC&RA member companies.  

Scholarships are awarded annually to students pursuing Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees. Grants are announced throughout the year to those attending vocational schools, technical schools or continuing education classes.  

In 2015, the SC&R Foundation, a separate nonprofit organization, awarded $27,000 in scholarships and $26,925 in grants. Since the program began in 1986, the Foundation has awarded scholarships and grants totaling over $460,000 for students preparing for careers related to transportation or construction management.

The funding is primarily dedicated to employees of member companies, their children, stepchildren or grandchildren. However, since 2014 the Foundation has opened up eligibility for the expanded grant program to those not affiliated with SC&RA member companies.  

Scholarships are awarded annually to students pursuing Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees. Grants are announced throughout the year to those attending vocational schools, technical schools or continuing education classes.  


  • Caleb Brack, Heavy Iron Cranes
    Southwest Industrial/Southern Crane Continuing Education Scholarship
  • Alexandra Capozzi, Thackray Crane Rental
  • Jonathan Cash Caldwell, AmQuip Crane Rental, LLC
    Terex Continuing Education Scholarship
  • Jobie Debrick, Debrick Truck Line
    NBIS Continuing Education Scholarship
  • Spencer Lynds, Cianbro
  • Samson Meyer, Marco Crane & Rigging Co.
    George Bragg Memorial Scholarship
  • Lee Rucker, Wire Rope Inc
    Christopher Lorenz Memorial Scholarship
  • Jamal Shaheen, Specialty Crane & Rigging
  • Alison Tuft, Mountain Crane
    Frank Bardonaro Sr. Memorial Scholarship


February Round

  • Amanda Neadow, Corrigan Air & Sea Cargo     
    TNT Crane & Rigging Continuing Education Grant
  • Ethan Gendreau, Green Mountain Kenworth
    Anderson Trucking Continuing Education Grant
  • Peter Law, Raulli & Sons, Inc.
    Robert Cookinham Memorial

April Round

  • Donald Newman,McTyre Trucking

June Round

  • Larissa Kirk, Deep South Crane & Rigging
  • Preston Scheck, Daryls AC and Heating
  • Ben White, Pickering Farm
  • Corey Walters, Jacobs Construction

August Round

  • Jonathan Caldwell, Amquip
  • Shelly Gayring, Empire Crane

The Foundation also has invested over $300,000 in dozens of industry-specific research projects. In Sept. 2015, the Foundation distributed a video it produced to SC&RA member companies, school counselors and vocational/tech schools to recruit 18-28 year old workers into the industry. Also in production during 2015 was a mobile app of industry terms.   

Through a partnership with HirePatriots.com, a website that connects veterans with employers through a one-day job board and permanent job postings. Since its launch in 2005, HirePatriots.com has helped more than 500,000 U.S. veterans find employment.

All donations to the SC&R Foundation are 100 percent tax deductible.




SC&RA member companies have always had a reputation for taking on the toughest, most complicated challenges while lifting, hauling and positioning huge objects. That same can-do attitude carries over to their work with the Association. SC&RA has been blessed with a core of dedicated members that works through the Association to advance the entire industry.  

They, as well as all other members, benefit from a strong Association staff that provides expertise in association management, government and regulatory affairs, and general business practices. SC&RA members use these professionals as virtual extensions of their own offices when industry issues or technical questions arise.

Chairman: Alan Barnhart, Barnhart, Memphis, Tenn.
President: Bruce Forster, Rigging Gear Sales, Dixon, Ill.
Vice President: John McTyre Sr., McTyre Trucking, Orlando, Fla.
Treasurer: Delynn Burkhalter, Burkhalter, Columbus, Miss.
Assistant Treasurer: Terry Young, Construction Safety Experts, Cary, N.C.

Group Chairs

Allied Industries Group: Tony Fastuca, Python America, Hazel Crest, Ill.
Crane & Rigging Group: Robert Weiss, Cranes, Inc., Maspeth, N.Y.
Transportation Group: Sean Claton, Midwest Specialized Transportation, Rochester, Mich.
Ladies Group: Karen Wood, WHECO Corporation, Richland, Wash.

SC&R Foundation Officers
President: Stephanie Bragg, Bragg Companies, Long Beach, Calif.
Vice President: Jim Sever, PSC Crane & Rigging, Piqua, Ohio
Treasurer: Geoff Davis, United Logistics Operating Group, Bethesda, Md.

Joel Dandrea – Executive Vice President
Beth O'Quinn – Vice President
Steven Todd – Vice President
Jason Bell – Membership Manager
Surian Choi –  Meetings Coordinator
Kurt Hoffman – Director, Web and Information Technology
Lisa Lieu – Director, Finance and Administration
Brett Melvin – Director, Advocacy and Development
Diana Phan – Assistant, Finance & Administration
Melanie Poehler – Administrative/Meetings Assistant
Jackie Roskos – Director, Marketing, and Foundation Manager
Jillian Williams – Coordinator, Communications and Marketing

Membership Benefits


Promote your business to 1,800 member companies all over the world with a listing in the SC&RA Membership Directory, in print and online. Make sure that your company is a member since many industry businesses and general contractors ONLY work with SC&RA members. Find a member company, click here.


The latest best safety practices, risk mitigation techniques, team cultivation ideas, advice on impending regulatory concerns, equipment inspection standards, and employee recruiting solutions are all available to SC&RA Members for free or significantly reduced rates. Four annual in-person events and a vault of dozens of free webinars also help members gain new knowledge and create new business. Click here to see a list of 60 past webinars available to SC&RA member for free.


The latest worldwide industry financial news, company size rankings and project updates are all delivered to members for free through KHL Group’s independently produced magazines “American Cranes & Transport” and “International Cranes and Specialized Transport.”

For more information on these publications or to subscribe to the digital edition, click here


SC&RA advocates on behalf of members and the industry to maintain a safe and profitable environment for your business. Every time your company transports or lifts a load with reduced regulatory burden or with less excessive state and local rules on your equipment, drivers or crane operators, SC&RA has been successful in advocating to help you save money and conduct business in a satisfactory way. Click here for a list of current issues that affect your business.


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