Bennett’s Helferich Wins Driver of the Year Award

- SC&RA awarded Violet Helferich, Bennett Motor Express, as its Driver of the Year at the Specialized Transportation Symposium in St. Louis last week. Representatives of Bennett Motor Express, including CEO Marcia Taylor, David Lowry, Jay Folladori and Rob Simon, were present as Helferich received the award for her dedication to safety, leadership, organizational skills and hard work. The SC&RA Driver of the Year Award is bestowed in recognition of exemplary values of safety, integrity, talent and teamwork. As group leader, primarily hauling enormous wind blades, Helferich is responsible for communication between the drivers and their customer, GE, for loading, routing and delivery. Accident free her entire career, she is known for her outstanding talents for accuracy in route surveying, and the countless hours she spends off duty researching routes to ensure her team is on the same page. In fact, she has frequently been known to, at her own time and expense, hand-type permit routes for fellow drivers and escort members to ensure they understand the route. For more information, contact Steven Todd.

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