Cargo Securement a Major Violation in 2017 Roadcheck

- The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) annual International Roadcheck for 2017 came to a close in August and found that improper cargo securement was one of the most common causes of a violation.

During the International Roadcheck, safety inspectors recorded a total of 3,282 cargo securement violations. These accounted for 15.7 percent of out-of-service violations and 40.4 percent of violations related to the transportation of hazardous materials/dangerous goods.  

The three-day International Roadcheck, now in its 30th year, is one of the largest enforcement events in North America. This year, safety officials and enforcement personnel performed 62,000 inspections. Along with cargo securement, violations concerning tires/wheels and brake systems constituted the top three violations reported during the event.

As a reminder, SC&RA provides multiple resources for training drivers in avoiding these all-too-common violations.

One resource, the “Specialized Transportation Load Securement” video, has been updated and improved to provide drivers with the most current DOT regulations, policies, and strategies for properly securing cargo during specialized hauling.

As CVSA’s recent initiative has demonstrated, proper load and cargo securement is essential to safe driving conditions, and is an especially important issue for oversize/overweight moves. The video instructs drivers on the regulatory guidelines needed to ensure loads are secure and cargo is protected.

Another resource, the “Specialized Transportation Driver Training” video, was created to address the specific needs of drivers who are new to the specialized transportation industry. It covers driver skills like right turns and railroad crossings, route planning permits, and hazard identification. Additional topics include liability issues with OS/OW loads and advice for working with a team.

More data from the results of the International Roadcheck is available on the CVSA website here.

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