FMCSA Grants SC&RA’s Petition to Preempt California State Law on Trucker Meals/Rest Breaks

- The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced Dec. 21 that it had granted a petition determining that the State of California’s laws requiring minimum meal and rest breaks for  truckers operating in the State of California are preempted by federal hours-of-service laws (49 U.S.C. § 31141).

The determination by FMCSA came in response to widespread apprehension from drivers, concerned citizens and industry stakeholders, as well as critical petitions filed by the Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association (SC&RA), petitions that were heavily weighted within FMCSA and on Capitol Hill. In particular, SC&RA’s argument on federal primacy over motor carrier safety was viewed within FMCSA as “key and essential” in granting this much-needed exemption.  

“This is a huge win for SC&RA and the greater industry at large,” said Joel Dandrea, SC&RA’s chief executive officer. “The ruling sets precedence and helps ensure much greater uniformity between federal and state regulations as we move forward. We’ve seen our members become unnecessarily burdened by the state of California and we’re glad to know the situation is now rectified. SC&RA takes great pride in advocating for a safer, fairer, and more uniform trucking environment. We commend FMCSA for taking our petition seriously and making a decision that benefits not just our members, but the entire transportation ecosystem.”

For more information, read the press release or contact Dandrea.

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