Maryland Increases Gross Weight to be Auto Analyzed and Issued for Permitting

- The State of Maryland has announced that the auto-issue threshold has been increased for loads up to and including 200,000 pounds with an approved route analysis, advancing uniform permitting throughout the country, a goal of SC&RA’s Uniform Permit Transport 2021 (UPT2021). While this puts Maryland in excess of the industry threshold of at least 150k gross on weight, SC&RA will continue to advocate for the State to raise their auto issue dimension limits to minimum industry thresholds of 14’ wide, 14’ 6” high and 110’ long. Maryland currently auto issues up to 13’ wide, 14’ 6” high and 90’ long. UPT2021 is an SC&RA initiative to establish harmonization between all 50 states. Two of the primary goals for UPT2021 are to encourage all states to allow minimum weight thresholds, and to analyze and issue permits via automated permit systems, 24-7. For the most up-to-date listing of harmonization efforts across the states, visit or contact Steven Todd.

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