OSHA Proposes Rule Regarding Crane Operator Certification: SC&RA to Comment

- The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced last week a proposed rule to provide long-term clarity regarding crane operator certification requirements and reinstates the employer duty to ensure that a crane operator is qualified to safely operate equipment.  

Under the proposed rule, a change to the categories of certifications for crane operators would ensure more operators are able to meet the requirement. The proposal discontinues a 2010 requirement, which never went into effect, that crane operator certification must include the crane lifting capacity for which the operator is certified.

The proposed language also details requirements an employer must follow to train, qualify and evaluate operators, including documentation specifying make, model and configuration of equipment used during the evaluation process.

SC&RA is seeking member input on the proposed rule and will be submitting comments to OSHA by June 20, 2018. Please send comments to Beth O’Quinn.

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