SC&RA Advocates for Texas Mobile Crane Rules; Comments Encouraged

- New mobile crane rules, as proposed by SC&RA, are under consideration in Texas which would clarify that a mobile crane may travel with equipment needed to perform its intended function.  Essentially, the change would allow properly secured equipment including counterweights, outriggers, booms, jibs, blocks, balls, cribbing, outrigger pads and outrigger mats to be hauled with the mobile crane, provided the total permitted weights do not exceed the maximum permit weights allowed by Texas.  This is directly in line with SC&RA’s interpretation of the federal definition of a “Non-Divisible Load” – that extra items such as those referenced previously shall be allowed on a permitted load if by removal of the extra items it would make the load (mobile crane) unable to perform the function for which it was intended.

To ensure passage, all SC&RA members who move mobile cranes in Texas are encouraged to provide comments on these proposed changes. Written comments on the proposed amendments (please reference Ch219.60-64 as the rule you are commenting on) may be submitted to David D. Duncan, General Counsel, Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, 4000 Jackson Avenue, Austin, Texas 78731 or by email to The deadline for receipt of comments is 5 p.m. on June 4, 2018. For more information contact Steven Todd or Beth O’Quinn.

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