SC&RA Submits Requests to CVSA Regarding OS/OW Permit Loads & Escorts

- The Association has submitted three requests for action to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance regarding state and province oversight of oversize/overweight permit loads. SC&RA has asked that these issues be presented during CVSA’s April Size & Weight Committee Meeting for discussion and ultimate recommendation of "Best Practices" by the CVSA Board of Directors to all member states and provinces. The requests are:
  1. Assignment of Police & Private Escorts. As more states/provinces grapple with budget shortfalls, etc., there are major changes at the state and province level as to what’s required for escorts. SC&RA has identified some challenges and concerns, and requests collaborative discussion between CVSA, AASHTO, National Pilot Car Association and other effected stakeholders to develop recommendations and best practices in the interest of achieving maximum safety and uniformity between states and provinces;
  2. Police Escort Threshold Requirements. A small number of states require 2-4 state police for loads more than 200,000 gross pounds. Other states require automatic police beginning at 150,000 gross pounds. Most states have no such triggered weight threshold unless a specific bridge(s) along the route requires a “slow down” provision. In addition, thresholds for when a police escort kicks in for dimension varies moderately to dramatically. Unique geographical and other variables may affect some policies. SC&RA maintains that, in the interest of safety and uniformity, a discussion with CVSA and other effected stakeholders may result in meaningful dialogue and recommended best practices; and
  3. State Line Permit Inspections. In a handful of Western and Eastern states, permit loads are required to, prior to entering at a state line, undergo inspections and weighing that can take up to several hours. In a recent WASHTO SCOHT Permit Officials meeting there was positive discussion amongst state officials about the repetitive nature of such inspections and the potential for, in some cases, states to share information between themselves, to allow for more efficient commerce and movement of OS/OW loads interstate. SC&RA seeks dialogue with CVSA and other stakeholders regarding a harmonized best practice recommendation.

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