SC&RA Unveils Severe Weather Guidelines

- On the heels of one of the top 10 most active Atlantic hurricane seasons on record, SC&RA has developed and published Severe Weather Guidelines for the Crane & Rigging Industry.

Several SC&RA members, as part of the Crane & Rigging Safety Education & Training Committee’s Inclement Weather Preparedness Task Force, created recommendations and emergency planning guidelines for severe weather conditions including tornadoes, hurricanes, winds, thunderstorms and snow. The Severe Weather Guidelines outline job preparation before, during and after severe weather and include timelines for preparation work. The intent is to minimize risks, reinforce safe work practices and positively communicate preparedness.

The procedures outlined in Severe Weather Guidelines are not designed to replace the need for individual planning, but rather to provide overall planning guidelines and supplement programs companies already have in place. The resource contains sample checklists for branch managers, safety managers, superintendents, and general foremen. Templates are provided for companies with limited resources or who are trying to get their weather preparedness up to speed as soon as possible.

SC&RA members are encouraged to download the free, members-only resource and begin formalizing their plans to deal with severe weather. Severe Weather Guidelines for the Crane & Rigging Industry can be found at For more information, contact Beth O’Quinn.

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