Safety Notice Regarding Shackles

- Last week, The Crosby Group released a safety notice regarding certain shackles that may have a condition that can reduce the ultimate load capacity from the published catalog values. The shackle bow may have a previously undetected defect, and continued use may result in loss of load, property damage, severe injury, or death.

By use of the Production Identification Code (PIC) symbols appearing on the product, Crosby Group has determined the 7/8” 6.5t shackles with PIC 5VJ shown on the bow may have this condition. They are:

  • 1019542 7/8” 6.50t S-2130 Shackle
  • 1019533 7/8” 6.50t G-2130 Shackle
  • 1018151 7/8” 6.50t G-213 Shackle
  • 1018160 7/8” 6.50t S-213 Shackle
  • 1018516 7/8” 6.50t G-209 Shackle
  • 1018525 7/8” 6.50t S-209 Shackle
  • 1262031 7/8” 6.50t G-2130OC Shackle
No other sizes or PICs are part of this safety notice.

If you identify any such 7/8” 6.5t shackles with PIC 5VJ, remove from service, and arrange for return and replacement. To return these products, please contact your Crosby distributor. For more information concerning this safety notice, contact Crosby Technical Support at 1-800-772-1500.

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