Top Advocacy Issues Tackled in 2018

- On any given day, SC&RA staff field calls from federal and state agencies and members about issues that could significantly impact industry operations. Thus far, 2018 has proven both busy and successful for SC&RA advocacy with four major issues: 1. In a victory for both transportation and crane members, SC&RA worked tirelessly and successfully to petition FHWA to clarify a long-standing definition of “nondivisible load”; 2. Industry was able to secure a letter from the Mine Safety & Health Administrator allowing riggers to do their jobs – per OSHA standards--working under or around a spreader bar.; 3. Uniform Permit Transport 2021 (UPT2021) was established to harmonize between all 50 U.S. states on OS/OW envelope vehicle configurations, with the aim to gain one hundred percent compliance across the country by the year 2021.; and 4. SC&RA submitted formal comments to OSHA regarding crane operators, stating that it supports the requirement for employers to evaluate their operators and operators-in-training, however it does not support a prescriptive list by which employers must evaluate their operators, nor does it support the requirement for independent third-party evaluations.

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