UPT2021 Win: Missouri Makes Good On 80K Quad Auto Analysis

- The State of Missouri is now allowing auto-issuance of 80,000 lbs. on a quad, up to and including 160,000 lbs. regardless of the envelope vehicle weight maximums that are listed in the regulation book, as long as the axle group weights are not exceeded.  Previously 80k quad permit analysis was only permitted following a lengthy (days) manual analysis.  

For example, the maximum for an 8-axle (1-3-4) routine configuration is 144,000 lbs., but if live-load analysis passes, a company can now get up to 160,000 lbs. with 80,000 lbs. on the quad.  If live-load fails, then it will have to submitted as superload permit.  

This is only allowed on Single Trip, 30-Day Blanket and Project Permits, but does not apply to blanket permits or specialized equipment. The criteria are:  They cannot exceed 160,000 lbs.; They cannot exceed routine dimensions (16’ wide, 16’ high and 150’ long); Truck/tractor Semi-trailer only; and this does not apply to specialized equipment they can only get 60,000 lbs. on a quad.

To hear the latest developments on harmonization in your state and UPT2021 wins, plan to attend the Specialized Transportation Symposium, Feb. 19-22 in Houston.

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