UPT2021 Wins in Colorado & Maine

- Colorado has increased its auto issue threshold to 14’ W, 15’ 3” H, 110’ L, 150,000 lbs., making it the 20th state that now meets and/or exceeds SC&RA’s Uniform Permit Transport 2021 Initiative’s minimum recommended weight and dimension threshold.  

Colorado DOT’s Craig Hurst says, “The Colorado OSOW Permit Office will continue to pursue data collection and validation projects that will improve our ability to efficiently issue appropriate size and weight permits. We will continue to evaluate our auto-issue threshold and make the appropriate adjustments as justified by the data that we evaluate.”

Beginning next Monday, the state of Maine will go live with the new ProMiles Automated Permit System, “Move ME” and introduce outstanding thresholds for auto issue permits. Currently in Maine, permits are reviewed by an agent at the state. Moving forward, permits will self-issue at the following dimensions: 16’1 wide, 16’ high, 125’ long, weight below extreme weight (depends on axle spacings and weights). Eight axles will be over 177,000 lbs.  

You can pay and print or download the permit and approved route by going to movememaine.com.
For applicants who would rather not utilize MoveME, the Overlimit Permit Unit will continue to accept applications via fax, mail, e-mail, and in person. The unit is located at the BMV central office, 101 Hospital Street in Augusta. Staff are available by phone at 207-624-9000 Ext. 52134; via fax at 207-622-5332; or via email at overpermits@maine.gov.

Uniform Permit Transport 2021 (UPT2021) is an SC&RA initiative to establish harmonization between all 50 states. Two of the primary goals for UPT2021 are to encourage all states to allow
minimum weight thresholds, and to analyze and issue permits via automated permit systems, 24-7. More than 30 states presently use systems that auto-issue permits, in some cases greater than 16 feet wide and high and 250,000 gross pounds. The aim is to gain 100 percent compliance across the country by the year 2021.

For more information, contact Steven Todd.

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