Webinar Previews Soon-to-be-Released Course on Bridge Hit Prevention

- Every year, bridge and infrastructure hits in the U.S. cause billions of dollars in damages. Other permitting related errors such as running off your permitted route, overweight and other permit violations can cost your company thousands of dollars. Don’t let your company make these costly and perhaps deadly mistakes. Register for Preventing Bridge & Infrastructure Hits, Nov. 13, 2-3 pm ET. Three industry experts, Geno Koehler, Illinois DOT, Jackie Darr, North Dakota State Highway Patrol and Steven Todd, SC&RA, will explain how companies, safety managers and drivers can prevent bridge and infrastructure hits as well as other permit violations. The webinar will incorporate SC&RA’s new online course, Bridge Safety & Accident Prevention, designed by transportation professionals and state permit officials, which covers:

  • Scope and destruction of bridge strikes including damage to customer’s cargo as well as the damage that can occur to the infrastructure of the bridge.
  • Role of management in setting the tone and priorities for training and advocating safety and accident prevention.
  • How the permitting process allows the driver to demonstrate professionalism through managing their limitations of personnel and equipment.
  • Elements of the pre-trip meeting to include steps to take, issuance and receipt of permit, as well as load securement.
  • Elements of the physical move including an understanding of maneuvering, the communication process, and the role and responsibility of pilot cars
The webinar is sponsored by KHL and TransMaster Trailers/Master Solutions Inc.

To register, click here, or contact Melanie Khoury for more information.

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